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Once Upon A Curve

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Dear Teachers,

I have to warn you, this is not a quiet, peaceful little book. It is a bit noisy, actually. But, the upside is that at least you will know where your students are in their reading from the various noises that sound off from each desk.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Flash Player to view this book. I am providing a link to the Adobe site so you may download it. (You may already have it.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to write me. An email contact address is located throughout the book (or, click here).

Most of all have fun teaching, and let the students have fun learning.

Best wishes,
Annie Bealey

Dear Students,

I wrote this book with you in mind. I mainly want you to have a good time.

Maybe, just maybe, while you are reading and playing with the gizmos, you might also realize that learning can be fun. Essay writing can be fun (no way). Research can be fun (uh uhhhh).

If you would like to write me, please feel free to do so. An email contact address is located throughout the book (or, click here).

If you need help with an essay, write me. I can write essays out the wazzoo. I will do my best to give you some pointers.

Have fun!
Annie Bealey

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